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Allows a User to Search the Tax Information Database.  
Search Criteria
CAMA Number:Enter the CAMA (Computer Aided Mass Appraisal) Number of the Holding, CAMA Numbers can be used to directly access Real Estate and Personal Property holdings. Note that all 8 sections of the CAMA Number must be entered, the number of characters required for each section is specified next to the section heading.
Owner Identification:If you know the Owner or Taxpayer Identification Number, you may enter it to access all holdings for the Identification Number entered. Identification numbers are County assigned and consist of the first 4 characters of the Owner or Taxpayer's name followed by 4 numbers for a total of 8 characters.
Tax Identification:Holdings may be searched by Tax Identification Number which consists of Tax Unit - 3 digits and Parcel Number - 10 digits.
Name:Either an Owner's or Taxpayer's Name or both may be entered and specified. This site searches for a match to the string of characters entered. Hint: if no match is found, shorten then name since placment of punctuation must match the name in the tax database.
Property Address:Enter any combination of Property Address fields to find information specific to that Property.
Tract Description Fields:Enter Subdivision, Lot, and/or Block or Section, Township and/or Range fields to search for property / holdings associated with a particular tract / legal description.

Find Now :This button, when clicked, initiates the search with search criteria entered on the page.
Reset :This button, when clicked, resets the page so all new search fields can be entered.

Search Examples    

The most direct way to access a holding is by CAMA Number or Tax Identification Number; however, if not known, any combination of the other fields on the search criteria page can be entered.
Once the search criteria is entered, you may choose to select one or any combination of holding types (Real Estate, Personal Property, etc.) listed at the bottom of the page. Click in the box to the left of the holding type to select or de-select it.
Click the Find Now button to search the Tax Information Database for records matching the search fields provided, if the search takes a long time, or returns a lot of records, narrow the search results by providing more search criteria. When you return to the search criteria page, the last search fields you provided will appear, to reset the search criteria and begin with blank input fields, press the Reset button.

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